We are Running a Study to Assess the Effects of Multi-Vitamins/ Multi-Mineral Supplements in Adults


Are you an adult who takes one or more prescription medications? Are you interested in participating in research studies?

We have a new research study available to evaluate the
nutritional effects of multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplements on adults.

Qualified Participant Must Be:
• Between the ages of 45-75 year old
• Taking 1 or more prescription medication
• Willing to attend 5 clinic visit over approximately a 5-month period
• Candidates must maintain their medication regimen and dietary habits throughout the study.
If Qualified, You:
• Will receive study related care at no cost
• May be compensated up to $225 for time and travel
• Must be willing to take the assigned supplement for 16 weeks
• Must be willing to maintain usual dietary habit for 16 weeks

To Learn More:

For more information call (561) 757-5766 or visit http://www.mbclinicalresearch.com/clinic/contact-us.html   to Contact Us.